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Inspired by the great 1970s acoustic oriented players such as Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucia and John McLaughlin “Opulent” is the Witherfall take on the Spanish Acoustic Guitar Genre. Not only is it Jake Dreyer’s ode to, or perhaps an attempt at blending Spanish inspired guitar phrases set within a signature Witherfall dark soundscape.

Click Here to see the video.

Jake and the Witherfall crew will be headed to Mexico, Germany and Spain in September. for a few live shows. Click here for details.

"Insidious" the first single and video from the new Witherfall album is out now. Click Here to see the video.

Headed to New York with all the Witherall crew to shoot videos for the new album. 

Witherfall will be making a select appearance opening for the iconic bands Cynic and Atheist band on June 17th in LA. 

Get tickets here

Come see Jake perform live with Witherfall at the All Things Metal Festival at the Rail Club Dallas/Ft Worth TX on Saturday May 20, 2023. Get tickets here

In the studio now recording Witherfall's 4th full length album. A lot of Epic guitar solos on this one.

Limited Edition Jake Dreyer FunkoPops available now. Click here to buy 

Jake has a few slots open for Guitar Lessons. Beginning to Advance all lessons are customized to your individual needs. Click here to register.

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